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This way you can transfer values into cad programs or into excel. Its large, high resolution colour display presents the measurement results and additional information in an easy to read format. Before downloading, make sure your device has the exact model code sma600fn. Leica disto 3d laser distance meter with windows software. This mode is only supported by the leica disto d810 touch please use the bluetooth manager to pair the devices. Support for all leica disto models with bluetooth smart d1, d110, d2, x3, x4, d510, d810 touch, s910 and wifi s910 use disto transfer in the background to transfer measurement values to the active cursor position. You can configure disto online to start other applications when you start it. Then slowly sweep the laser back and forth respectively up and down over the desired. You have now to start disto transfer mutiple times and each transfer will. Apr 08, 20 if you do not have a disto at all, its a crap shot. The measurements from your device can be sent into any windows program simply by pressing the bluetooth key of the leica. The user should read the disto a6 manual for other instructions on how to personalize the settings of the disto a6. Comfortably find your target with the threefold digital zoom, made even easier with the blended in crosshairs.

Blk2go e uno scanner laser portatile che ricrea spazi in 3d mentre ti muovi. Use the same black background with the white fontlettering as of the d5. With its unique end piece, wide range of additional functions and integrated view finder, the disto a5 is fully equipped to tackle any measuring task. Instructions on how to set up measuresquare and a disto 330i for onsite measurement. Press and hold dist key a, 1 until you hear a beep, indicating the device is in a continuous measuring mode. Working with bluetooth the info code 240 appears query for the pincode of the disto may be in the display if no data transmission has taken place after 2 seconds. With this laser distance meters you can even directly transfer measuring data right into a sketch or photo via bluetooth 4. If you do not have a disto at all, its a crap shot. With a press of one button you get your quick laser measurement, and you can even get it transferred to your pocket pc or laptop, via bluetooth, with the leica disto a6 bluetooth laser rangerfinder.

Once the windows 8 device and the leica disto are paired they will immediatelly connect if both are switched on. Cattura immagini e nuvole di punti in tempo reale utilizzando le tecnologie lidar e slam. Its integrated power range technology, which permits measurements of up to 100m without a target plate, and integrated 2x viewfinder provide you with an unbeatable combination of operating features for all measurement tasks completed outdoors even in. Disto transfer pc is a program that enables users to transfer data form disto devices to their computer through a bluetooth connection. Measure fast and precise distances between any two points from one location with the laser distance meter leica disto s910. You may change the units of measure as well as add a fudge factor such as 3 to each measurement shot if that is your preference. Disto bluetooth transfer guide distagage laser distance meters.

Simple to use again and we find the more simple the software the better it is for the end user. The plusdraw and plusxl software only worked with the disto plus. Leica disto a5 find it at a lower price, well beat it. Windows vista7 leica disto plus leica disto a6 leica disto d8 leica disto d3abt windows 8. Leica disto d2 new 330ft laser distance measure with bluetooth 4. The safety instructions can be found in a separate booklet, which accompanies this user manual. Disto transfer pc download transfer data form disto devices to. With the various measurement functions you can record all spatial situations precisely and use the data afterwards in your customary software environment.

From your android device, you can remotely trigger measurements and or you can transfer the measurement data from the leica disto into the clipboard. Leica 3d disto with 4site software one point survey. Leica disto a6 guida rapida kurzbedienungsanleitung. Leica disto d2 new 330ft laser distance measure with. Windows vista7 leica disto plus leica disto a6 leica disto d8 leica. The leica disto a2 is the smallest disto laser measuring device yet. Download32 is source for leica disto a6 shareware, freeware download orthograph architect, orthograph survey, powercad ce professional, cornerfix, sipix a6 printer driver, etc. Leica disto d8 laser distance measuring device overview minus 3rd party logos and urls. The autocad plugin additionally allows convenient planning and drawing with your autocad software.

User manual, quick start manual leica disto a6 user manual 16 pages. The digital viewfinder and the integrated tilt sensor make the leica disto a8 an innovation worldwide and opens up a whole new world of measuring possibilities. The plugin for autocad and bricscad are installed automatically if such installation has been detected during the leica disto transfer start. The new leica disto a6 is the laser distance meter of choice for professionals that need to record and store their measurements to a computer or pda. We have 2 leica disto a6 manuals available for free pdf download. In the first leica disto software, the control next custom is far closed. Read first here you find all the latest samsung firmwares for the galaxy a6 sma600fn, if you want to flash your device with the newest samsung software. Illumination pressing the illumination key a, 6 turns on the display. Your disto a6 order will include the disto transfer software that allows users to transmit measured values to the cursor position in windows program via a bluetooth wireless interface, eliminating. The new disto a6 is the next generation laser meter with bluetooth wireless technology and a free copy of the disto transfer software which sends the measured values reliably to excel, word, autocad and many other software programs for use on bluetooth enabled pocket pcs, tablets, laptops and umpc devices. The disto sketch app supports the new leica disto models from leica geosystems. Simple to use again and we find the more simple the software the better it. Not recommended to disto classic 5, disto plus, disto classic 4, disto lite 4, or older disto models.

Easily create as built documentation, calculate roof dimensions and integrate data into bim or cad software to create 3d visualizations. You can measure distances with absolute accuracy, even past obstructions and determine angles quickly and precisely. Found the disto transfer software, on leicas website. So you have to start the leica disto transfer software once manually so it can detect the cad software and place the necessary registrations. Disto a8, disto a2, disto a3, disto d3, disto d2, disto d330.

The disto sketch app in many cases, replaces the classical note pad. Leica disto a6 laser distance measurer with bluetooth data. Hi, ive got a leica disto d8 which is a laser rangefinder with bluetooth capability. Not sure if it is a feature that the disto engineers wanted, i disliked it. Leica disto instruction manuals merlin lazer ltd leica. The second level is for data transfer functions and software control. The program connects to leica disto devices using a bluetooth interface current models are leica disto d3abt, leica disto d330i and leica disto d8. Leica disto d8 transfer software autodesk community. Power on laser meter and press the bluetooth button to enable the connection to pair. Szybki start norme di sicurezza leggere attentamente le norme di sicurezza e il manuale duso prima di mettere in funzione lo strumento. The integrated camera relays images of the point being measured to the wireless touchscreen tablet and the leica disto laser captures the distance remotely using the laser. Leica geosystems offers a broad range of software that seamlessly connects measurement sensors to provide maximum productivity from field data collection to final data presentation. Leica disto distancemeters measurements are so precise and reliable they can measure up to 200 meters with millimeter accuracy. Leica disto a2 find it at a lower price, well beat it.

Merlin lazer offer a full range of survey equipment from leica disto laser rangefinders protimeter moisture meters laser levels. The leica disto d5 is designed with many functions and features to make measuring easier, particularly when you are working outdoors. To use your leica disto with an apple mac you need to buy a software from a. The leica 3d disto cleverly combines distance and 360 angle measurements to determine the precise position of each measured point and its relationship in 3 dimensions. The leica disto a2 provides an economical option in laser measuring devices. Works with almost all windows programs, allows remote control of bluetooth leica disto laser measuring devices from computer, and control of cursor from disto. Due to its content this page might take a while to load. Im going out on a measuring project tomorrow, and its got me looking into whether there is an easier way to make drawings.

Leica disto a6 frequently asked questions merlin lazer ltd. Eliminate delays, finish jobs faster and avoid costly site revisits with workflow services to send and receive data directly from the field to the office and back. The d330i comes complete with 2aaa batteries, nylon holster, software, quick start guide, and users manual on cd. Hold one end of the six inch disto on roof, level the bubble, then measure from the other end to the roof and find the pitch per 6 inches. The rugged leica disto a6 laser distance measurer is a bluetoothenabled, indooroutdoor measurement tool that handles basic measurements along with area and volume calculations, giving you precise, onthejob computations that can be transferred to your computer or pocket pc. The safety instructions along with the user manual should be read carefully. A flashing bluetooth icon will appear on the disto screen if connection has been enabled.

Disto software for bluetooth wireless enabled ppc, palm, tablet, laptop and. The leica disto transfer software for windows provides the possibility to send. All software windows mac palm os linux windows 7 windows 8 windows mobile windows phone ios android windows ce windows server pocket pc blackberry. Get the best price on leica disto a6 bluetooth laser meter new disto plus. Its integral camera and laser beam give high precision measurements, making light work of curved surfaces, skewed walls, and unreachable place. The measurements from your device can be sent into any windows program simply by pressing the bluetooth key of the leica disto d8, a6. Press the clear key a, 9 and working with bluetooth leica disto a6 1. Free softwarethe delivery package contains the transfer software leica disto transfer easy to install and with automatic updates. Leica disto 3d software for windows sccs the survey. Amazons choice recommends highly rated, wellpriced products available to ship immediately. Leica distotm d3 the multitalented instrument for indoor applications the leica disto d3 is a multifunctional instrument to ensure simple, quick and reliable measurements. Leica disto 3d software for windows the highprecision leica 3d disto is used whenever the use of conventional measuring tools is only possible with a great deal of time and effort. We use this software for more advanced demonstrations, as it is a good way of showing the dimensions from the disto working and auto sizing as you go.

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