12 7 mm sata 8x superdrive for macbook

The mac mini core 2 duo 2 ghz brought the core 2 duo processor to the mac mini. It connects to your macbook pro with retina display, macbook air, imac, or mac mini with a single usb typea cable thats built into the superdrive. This cable connects the superdrive to the logic board. Hp 36gb serial ata 150 hard drive 10k rpm hp 36gb u320 scsi 15k rpm. Internal superdrive duallayer for apple mac mini owc. This is just a external case not included any internal drive. Gsagt30l,gsat30n,gsat30l,gsat50n,gsat50l, tsl633, gsagt20l uj875a,ad7640s etc dvd burner drive. It is an original hl gs23n or gs31n super slim 8x dl dvd rw burner sata drive for macbook a42 unibody,can replace uj868 uj898, ad5960s. Mac mini a47 unibody 20102014 ssd dual hard drive cable kit, mac mini a47.

It works, but one of the screw holes may not line up to the brackets inside. Jual dvd superdrive sata more compatible macbook unibody. The superdrive or dvddrive of the macbook pro can be removed from the optical bay and be replaced with a second hard drive in our macbook pro hdd caddy. Hitachilg gs23n 8x dvdrw dl slotloading notebook sata. Apple imac superdrive hl ga11n 8x dl dvd rw writer 12. Make sure this fits by entering your model number device type.

Very important points though concerning the optical bay. This is an aftermarket superdrive that was never sold with the macbook pro by apple. Buy gs41n superdrive 8x slotin dvdrw slim sata drive 9. Theres no separate power adapter, and it works whether your mac is plugged in or running on battery power. Macbook unibody model a42 optical drive replacement. Ive already installed the harddrive into a usb caddy, but what are everyones thoughts on removing the superdrive and installing it in an external enclosure.

Genuine hl gt50n 8x dl dvd rw super multi dvd writer 12. Step 7 optical drive remove the single 12 mm phillips screw securing the top of the rear speaker housing to the upper case. If your minis ram isnt already maxed out, adding more ram is a costeffective way to improve. Uj875a, ad7640s, fits most dell laptops with sata slot load drive. Buy slim internal dvd drive and get the best deals. This mac mini offers two ram slots, enabling a maximum of 3 gb of ram using one pc25300 1 gb ram chip and one pc25300 2 gb ram chip. Asus 24x dvdrw serialata internal oem optical drive drw24b1st black. Silver if you need white, while you pay the money, please make a note to let us know the usb case accepts 9. Macbook pro unibody late 2011 optical drive replacement. Which internal bluray drives are compatible with a. All of the enclosures ive been able to find online are for the newer slimmer models. Osgear interno 12,7 mm slim sata 8 x dvdrw masterizzatore. Odd optical drive slim device compatible for apple mac mini a1283 a47.

Youll never have to worry about lost cables with the apple usb superdrive. Macbook pro 17 unibody sata superdrive cable ifixit. Superdrive bluray, dvdcd optical drives w firewire, usb. Macbook 12 inch, retina, early 2016 macbook 12 inch, retina, mid 2017. Tradein value will vary based on the condition, year, and configuration of your tradein device.

Super external usb enclosure caddy case for macbook 9. Sony ad5670s apple mac dvd burner superdrive sata p4 12. Cheap dvd cd rw, buy quality cd rw directly from china dvd cd suppliers. With a usb external enclosure you can turn the superdrive into a portable usb device. Dvdrw write using this superdrive for your ultrabook, netbook or pc, you can playback and burner cd dvd disc, which will give you perfect effect when you are watching dvd videos, installing software, or create backup discs, etc. External usb enclosure case for apple macbook pro 9.

You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to trade in for credit or for an apple store gift card. Gs41n superdrive 8x slotin dvdrw slim sata drive 9. Starting february, 20, it was a custom configuration of the macbook pro core i7 2. The universal satatosata caddy is compatible with laptops that has a 12. Lghitachi internal laptop dvdrw sata slim with height. Lghitachi internal laptop dvdrw sata slim with height 12. Unibody 8x sata superdrive postearly 2009 1 macbook pro unibody model a1278 8x sata superdrive used 1 macbook pro unibody model a1278 early 2011 late 2011 mid 2012 sata superdrive cable 1 macbook pro unibody late 2011 optical drive replacement guide id. Cdrw dvdrw sata burner 8x dual layer dvd super drive for macbook. Pc odd optical drive device compatible for apple mac mini a1283 a47 imac. The superdrive can still be used through a usb cable adapter or by using our usb external enclosure. A42 8x sata superdrive used 1 macbook unibody model no. Gs23n superdrive cd dvd rw replace uj868a uj898 uj8a8. Dvdcd rom rewriter burner compatibile con laptop pc desktop windows linux os apple mac.

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