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Another queer studies example 205 further reading 208 chapter 8 marxism 211 key concepts in. An introduction to literature, criticism and theory. Bennett and royle approach their subject by way of literary works themselves a poem by emily dickinson, a passage from shakespeare, a novel by salman rushdie, rather than by way of abstract theoretical ideas and isms. Introduction to literary study online english courses. It introduces the framework for the case study that comprises the main focus of the research described in this thesis. Students are able to dissect break down a literary work into its smaller aesthetic elements. Even movies, which i love more than anything, more than life itself, they even do it with movies these days. An introduction to literary study, with an emphasis on the formal analysis of a diverse range of poetry and prose. Writers, characters, and the literary closet 194 homosociality and heterosexual panic 199 how to interpret. Systematically taking in theory, genre and literary history, klarer provides easytounderstand descriptions of a variety of approaches to texts. In this case, anything can be literature, and anything can stop being literature.

New criticism was a formalist movement in literary theory that dominated american literary criticism in the middle decades of the 20th century. Learn intro to literary studies with free interactive flashcards. Engl 201 introduction to literature lecture notes for week 3 prose fiction types of prose fiction allegory. Ls100a introduction to literary studies wikiversity. Introduction to literature, criticism and theory provides a completely fresh and original introduction to literary studies. In 32 short chapters they focus on a range of familiarlooking terms character. In this course, students will read a diverse but representative collection of short peninsular and latin american literary texts, concentrating on their formconstruction, meaning, and relationship to literary genre and to sociohistorical context. It is designed for students at the undergraduate level or for others needing a broad synthesis of the long history of literary theory. Make students aware of any prerequisites before the modulecourse begins. Introductiontoliteraturecriticismandtheorybyandrewbennett. Feminism, cultural studies, new historicism, and so on.

Stanislav kola r the course deals with literary theory with respect to british and american literature. The course introduces students to literary theory and its applications, offers a framework for understanding the historical evolution of literary. Fortunately, im providing a study guide to help us along the way. Literary composition refers to any piece of written material. For example, do they need to have seen the film or read the book. Asking literary questions 314 includes discussion of the pleasures of literature, how they can develop into professional views of the scholar in society from 1963, 1991, and 20042006. Literary theory and schools of criticism introduction. The characters represent ideas hope, love, jealousy. An introduction, terry eagleton english literature.

The exam format will resemble that of your midterm, with several exceptions. This course is designed as a broad introduction to the study of narrative fiction and. Choose from 500 different sets of intro to literary studies flashcards on quizlet. Pdf the identity and relevance of literary studies require a conceptual and institutional reconstruction in response to the global reshaping and. Recent 2003, theoretically informed call to remember the value of the literary. In this volume, mario klarer provides the essential beginners guide to english literary studies. Literary theory can be understood, as i have suggested, in terms of principles and concepts, strategies and tactics needed to guide critical practice. Short novel short story the novel can be long or short. This extraordinary opening sentence is all about beginnings. Literary theory, an introduction second edition staff uny.

My office hours and contact information are listed at the. Read on to see if the skills and training required for this career suit your interests. An introduction, 25th anniversary edition terry eagleton a history of literary criticism. The important implication is that we dont get to decide what is. Here is the reading assignment for for the last two days of class. He was one step beyond an open window when the light of the bomb was re. Introduction to hayden white, university of california at. Systematically taking in theory, genre and literary history, klarer provides easy to. Students are able to interpret, appreciate, and to some extent, criticize as well as give the arguments about the quality of a literary work.

An introduction to literary studies provides the beginner with an accessible and comprehensive survey of literature. The terms literary theory and critical theory refer to essentially the same fields of study. An introduction to literature, criticism and theoryprovides a completely fresh and original introduction to literary studies. This term traditionally referred to such literary devices as simile, metaphor, and personi. English 295, introduction to literary studies course description. An anthology, second edition edited by julie rivkin and michael ryan. The course raises issues of literary theory that organize various approaches to reading texts and demonstrate the importance and value of. A practical introduction to literary study begins by focusing on critical reading and the literary canon and introduces students to the tools, terms, and methods they need for discussing literature. Literary composers and creative writers often write for business, academic and artistic outlets.

Introduction to literatureintroduction to literature. It also contains chapters on practical research methods, on understanding criticism and. They both address ways of looking at literature beyond the typical plotthemecharactersetting studies. Offering a concise, easytounderstand discussion of central issues in the study of literary texts, looking at. An introduction to cultural studies 7 vcultural studies is an interdisciplinary field in which perspectives from different disciplines can be selectively drawn on to examine the relations of culture and power. These many and varied trends have complicated greatly the task of understanding both the nature of theory and of the literary text. In this classic beginners guide to english literature, mario klarer offers a concise and accessible discussion of central issues in the study of literary texts, looking at. Students are able to infer the central idea theme of a literary work. A queer studies example 186 queer studies and history 189 outing. An introduction to literary studiessecond edition in this volume mario klarer provides the essential beginners guide. The students are introduced to various literary terms whose knowledge will be useful for them in their courses of british and american literature. Perhaps something is literary because the text is the kind of writing we like to read.

If there is such a thing as literary theory, then it would seem obvious that there is something called literature which it is the theory. As it is under 200 pages, you cant except much depth to be covered, but it gives a very concise this is an excellent book for anyone new to literature to get a good overview of what literary studies involve. There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates, but gender is a kind of. The blackwell guide to literary theory gregory castle literary theory. This section of introduction to literary studies will emphasize an exploration of wit and satire, beginning with english literature of the middle ages and ending sometime near the end of the eighteenth century. Literary studies have a longer history than most contemporary sciences. In literary and cultural studies departments in higher education, the notion of. An introduction to literary studies, 3rd edition pdf can be read on any device that can open pdf files. Key concepts hegemonic masculinity patriarchal dividend. Chapter 7 queer studies 179 key concepts in queer studies 180 how to interpret. Spa 3310 is an introductory course in literary studies. An introduction to literary studies provides the beginner with an accessible and. A range of teaching manuals and accompanying files has been prepared. She was a founding member of the european society for.

Introduction to english literary studies van schaik. Mood can often be expressed in one word, like lighthearted, eerie, dark, etc. At its origins stands the experience of the dlchanted world in don quixote, and the artistic treatment of mere existence has remained the novels sphere. The mood is often suggested by descriptive details. Her most recent book is the turns of translation studies. An introduction to the techniques of literary analysis through critical reading of major works in the genres of poetry, fiction and drama, practice in writing about literary texts, and exposure to various modes of literary criticism and theory. The dialog between socrates and two of his associates shows the participants of this discussion concluding that art. It emphasized close reading, particularly of poetry, to discover how a work of literature functioned as a selfcontained, selfreferential aesthetic object. An introduction provides an accessible overview of major figures and movements in literary theory and criticism from antiquity to the twentyfirst century. English 295, introduction to literary studies, is an introduction to the rewarding complexities of studying literature. An introduction to literary studies by mario klarer. Specific content and approach vary from section to section, but all sections share the goals of developing sensitivity to genre, cultivating writing skills, and providing students with a set of literary terms and critical techniques as a foundation for further literary study. Literary studies were no more than a series of autopsies performed by heartless technicians. An introduction to literary studies an introduction to literary studies provides the beginner with an accessible and comprehensive survey of literature.

A longstanding tradition and an established prestige is a hindrance to advantageous. Introduction to english literary studies and literary theory. Darwin and literary studies 427 that the literary has always been a sphere where the most fundamental and farreaching of existential questions have been explored. An introduction to literary studies, 3rd edition isbn.

Introduction to the practical and theoretical foundations of english as a discipline, including research methods and practices, resources in literature, writing a. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. This means that we will not be approaching literature simply as a collection of novels and poems on. The main literary theories oriented to text, author, reader and context are also included. Thus, literary studies differ from other branches of the subject, namely linguistics, where the main focus is on the structures and uses of the english language, and cultural studies where students learn. This post is just a friendly reminder that well be having our final exam in class on june 7 the last day of the semester. Final exam study guide eng 230 introduction to literature. Matthew arnold famously argued that it is precisely in the wake of darwins discoveries, as well as of disenchanting scientific discoveries more generally.

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