Ground cause fumble nfl rules book

Where the word illegal appears in this rule book, it is an institutional term of. Complete history of the nfls dumb catch rule confusing people. What the rule basically states is that an elbow or knee being down ends the play, and its hard for the ball to be on the ground without the players body also touching the ground. Rule 12 player conduct section 1 blocking, use of hands, arms, and body legal and illegal block article 1 a player of either team may block obstruct or impede an opponent at any time, provided that.

If a player is tackled and loses control of the ball at or after the time. The veracity of that phrase lies in the fact that, 99. Nfls worst rule robs steelers of a win over patriots. The offensive team must put the ball in play with a snap at the spot where the previous down ended, unless the enforcement of a penalty moves the ball to another spot or the down ended outside the inbounds lines. If a player pretends to fumble and causes the ball to go forward, it is a forward pass and may be illegal. It is not meant to connote illegality under any public law. Ground didnt cause fumble in tebow play fox sports. The asj fumble page 23 new england patriots forums. The idea that the end zone is a universal plane and that a ballcarrier who jumped to.

The nfl does not have a rule that states, the ground cannot cause a fumble. Maintaining possession is the worst rule in all of sports. The ball doesnt have to hit the ground to be considered a. The nfl has made several altercations to the rule book this. If in the nfl a player tries to fumble backwards but somehow it goes forward is it an.

See specific fumble, pass, or kick rules and especially 621. A sometimes controversial rule is usually referred to as the ground cannot cause a fumble. Eligibility, pass interference, and intentional grounding rules apply when a. On this play, the ball was coming loose before the knee hit the ground so. Eligibility, pass interference, and intentional grounding rules apply. If a player pretends to fumble and causes the ball to go forward, it is a. It has happened, and does happen from time to time. Griffin said he doesnt like the rule that allows the ground to cause a fumble in that situation. The nfl s convoluted rules cost the jets a touchdown, and maybe a win. It is a sport built around moments of intense, exciting action, followed by the suspense of waiting for the next play to begin. The history of the nfls catch rule, which no one seems. The nfl video rulebook explains nfl rules with video examples.

The dumbest rule in the nfl helped the redskins beat the. The ground can cause an incomplete pass because when the ball leaves the qbs hands it is no longer possessed by a player. The nfl officials dont know what a catch is, or what a fumble is, if you are running with the ball the ground cant cause a fumble. And in fact, in the nfl the ground can indeed cause a fumble. Many plays last for only a matter of seconds, but what can happen in those few seconds can be spectacular. Nfl ends tuck rule, but will they still drop the ball on. The nfl s rule book says that a player has possession if he has a. The nfl has made yet another rule change heading into the 2018 season. Section 3 of the official playing rules of the national football league nfl rule book, is a foul under nfl rules and will be called by game officials. Runner a1 goes to the line of scrimmage where he is tackled and fumbles.

That only applies when the runner hits the ground, causing the ball to come loose. See 465d, page 22, for actions by a defensive player who attempts to cause an offensive player to. No, but when the player is untouched and the ball comes out when the player hits the ground, it is either incomplete or a fumble. All general rules for fourthdown fumbles apply to the try see 875. A ball that is intentionally fumbled and goes forward. If a faircatch kick is chosen after a fair catch, 1021 and 1143 apply. Im guessing this is in reference to the rgiii fumble, which was, 100%, a fumble. Rare nfl rulebook explanation creates catch fumble controversy in eaglesbears playoff game a ref recovered a fumble and as a result no one knows what happened. Actually the ground can cause a fumble under ncaa and nfhs rules even though there is no requirement for a runner to be down by contact. Why can the ground not cause a fumble for a runner but surviving the ground is part and parcel of completing the catch. For it to be a completed pass, the player has to complete the catching process.

Maintaining possession of the football seems like common sense, but it is by far the most senseless rule in the nfl. Its just easier to say that the ground cant cause a fumble. When did nfl rule that ground can not cause a fumble start. In other words, it is okay for a quarterback to fumble as long as he does it a certain way enough of that nonsense. The ball is dead the instant the runner touches the ground. The ground cant cause a fumble unless the runner is not down by contact, but the ground can definitely cause an incompletion, pereira said. Complete history of the nfl s dumb catch rule confusing people new, 40 comments figuring what is and isnt a catch has been a problem for nfl officials for several years now. The ground can cause a fumble if there is no contact. Try is successful, all fouls committed by the defense will result in the distance. The dumbest rule in the nfl helped the redskins beat the ravens. The term lateral is not in any rule book ihave ever read. If in the nfl a player tries to fumble backwards but. Free kick down a down that starts with a free kick is known as a free kick down 611. Players dont often get mashed into the ground without being down, and at that point they cant fumble.

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