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Orifice flanges generally come with either raised faces or rtj ring type joint. Sep 12, 2017 this video is how to draw screw jack assembly drawing this video is assembly drawing of screw jack important for machine drawing subject in diploma mechanical 2nd year it is useful for mechanical. The orifice flange union is composed of two orifice flanges, an orifice plate, bolts, nuts, jack screws, and two gaskets. Though the nonserrated flange screw is robust enough for most purposes, the serrated flange is the ideal choice for heavier industrial applications. Jack screw help in spreading the flanges and replacing the spacerblind or turning of spectacle blind. Weld neck, slipon, socket weld, threaded, lap joint, blind. That is, the linear speed is 375 mm per min at 1500 rpm. Bolts and hex, heavy hex, hex flange, lobed head, and lag screws inch series an american national standard two park avenue new york, ny 10016 usa. Screw jacks can be motorised by connecting electric motors through a b14 flange or a b5 bell housing with coupling. Comdrive can be specified without the motor, with only the screw jack and reducer. All flanges should be class 150, raised face, except those connected to flat face flanges of glassfiberreinforced epoxy or equipment with cast iron flanges, etc. These led to the design and modification of quick lifting screw jack with gear arrangements that are. Orifice flange union pipe tap jack screw pipe taps.

Our priority continues to be protecting the health and safety of our staff, clients, colleagues and the communities where we operate while limiting business disruptions. Upon installation, the slotted sleeves collapes to a propeller shape configuration which gently grips the inside of the mounting surface providing a permanent, reuseable screw anchor. Orifice flanges are basically the same as standard weld neck, slipon and screwed flanges except for the provision of radial, tapped holes in the flange ring for meter connections and additional bolts to act as jack screws to facilitate separating. Download screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, shaft couplings. Use a jack under heavy equipment to raise it from the floor. There should be one jack screw per flange and when the flanges are installed, the jack screws should be 180 deg apart. Orifice flanges are purchased with flange taps and jack screws. Since 1883, duffnorton has earned a reputation for reliable, high quality products that meet the industrial lifting, positioning and transfer needs of our worldwide customers. This jack screw is used to facilitate separating the flanges for inspection or replacement of the orifice plate and gaskets. The additional bolts act as a jack to allow the separation of the two flanges to.

The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Wood construction connectors catalog simpson strongtie. Maximum load at which a lead screw assembly should be operated. Very common throughout the world, screw jacks are found wherever there is a need to lift, position, align and hold load. Flange blocks,flange blocks screw jack with lifting nut. Machine screw comdrive motorized jack minute dcd double lead acme.

Worm gear screw jacks with ball screws achieve between 1071 mm per min and 2124 mm per min, depending on size and lead. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Ansi, mss and api standards govern flange dimensions and tolerances. Flange facing finish gaskets for raised face flanges. Same type of jack screws are also used for large size blinds. The screw jack has only one moving part, which does all the work. One two jack screws are used to spread the flanges apart in order to change the orifice plate. The image on the right shows a set orifice flanges, where a orifice plate is mounted and a jack screw is machined.

Hshigh performance screw jack gearbox atlanta antriebssysteme. An indispensable reference document for anyone planning a wood structure, it features product information, including. The flanges are separated smoothly and evenly without damage to flange faces and eliminates danger from flying wedges and sparks caused by hammer blows. Orifice flanges, complete with bolts, nuts, jack screws, and gaskets can be supplied upon customer request. Alireza bahadori phd, ceng, micheme, cpeng, mieaust, rpeq, in oil and gas pipelines and piping systems, 2017.

Additional decisions involve facing and surface finishes, and the appropriate. Jacks can also be used to bend, pry, or push a load. Sff can supply the plate, pressure connection holes, and jack screws with the orifice flange unit. A screw jack consists of a heavyduty vertical screw with a load table mounted on its top, which screws into a threaded hole in a stationary support frame with a wide base resting on the ground. Jack screw sizes for raised face orifice flanges unified alloys. Pressure taps jack screw provision flange dimensions.

Download this app from microsoft store for windows 10. Dimensions of these flanges are covered in asme b16. What are jack screws pipelines, piping and fluid mechanics. Lcoms exclusive line of panel mount jacks is the perfect choice for passing modular cables through a rack panel or wall plate. Daniel, flange union, daniel industries orifice plate created date. A wide variety of flange with jack screw options are available to you, such as ansi, asme, and gb. Fbf200 flange blocks drawings fbf300 flange blocks drawings. Flange blocks include selfaligning replaceable bearings that are prelubricated. All of these screw drawing pdf resources nocharge download on free cliparts pictures. Specialty flange and fitting products orifice flange. Jack bolts tables 1 class 300 orifice flanges, welding neck, threaded, and slipon 2 class 600 orifice flanges, welding neck 3 class 900 orifice flanges.

Special flanges definition and details of orifice flanges. The reducer flange accepts standard nema motor frame sizes. Jack screw sizes for raised face orifice flanges unified. Type description a4 qtypack a4 sm lsnum6x12 71981 200 sm lsnum6x16 6886 100 sm lsnum6x20 71982 100. Duffnorton offers all of the components necessary to complete your linear motion system, whether it consists of a single actuator or multiple screw and nut arrangements. The range of orifice flanges covers all standard sizes and ranges, and all common flange materials. The engineer or designer must choose among several flange options. Bolts special fasteners specialty fasteners custom. Orifice plate assemblies with rtj holder flow measuring. Screw jack with pvc bellow screw jack with motor flange screw jack with stop nut sm bdk ball screw jack with translating lifting screw bdkl ball screw jack with lifting nut file. Orifice flanges for metal pipes including orifice flange dimensions.

The useries screw jack is part of a specialist proposition from power jacks. Flange screws and flange bolts are available as either serrated or nonserrated hexagons. Products orifice flange specialty flange and fitting. Orifice flanges are easy to recognize because they have a hole drilled through the face of the flange perpendicular to the pipe.

Available for solidworks, inventor, creo, catia, solid edge, autocad, revit and many more cad software but also as step, stl, iges, stl, dwg, dxf and more neutral cad formats. Orifice flanges, unless otherwise specified, are furnished in pairs as a flange union, complete with bolts, nuts and jack screws but without the orifice plate. These strong one piece fasteners are designed to spread the clamping load without the need for a washer. Sundram fasteners limited fasteners division fd hexagonal head bolt 21 grade mark reference standards. The screw adjustment allows you to make small changes to the height of your load. These screws are used to help separate the flanges so inspection andor replacement of the orifice plate can be performed. The ultimate critical service triple offset valve flange bolting guide all information herein is proprietary and confidential and may not be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of bray international, inc. Each orifice flange is equipped with two radiallydrilled, tapped holes for metering, and with jack screws to facilitate separation of the joint for removal of the orifice metering plate.

Orifice plate is a specially designed plate with a hole at. Jack screw sizes for ring joint face orifice flanges. A rotating collar on the head of the screw has holes into which the handle, a metal bar, fits. Flange oil drain plugs din and standard parts bolts and set screws hexagon head bolt din 931 hex head bolt din 961 slotted mushroom head cap screws oil drain plugs slotted cheese head screws din 84 vlnng screws din 316 8, oe pnm uu hexagon head bolt din 933 universal joint bolts studs din 835, 939 hexagon socket cap screws din. Unlike screws that hold materials together with threads, set screws exert pressure at the tip to hold objects in place. Check out our orifice flange dimensions and complete orifice flange sets. The coefficient of friction at the screw threads is 0. Following image shows jackscrew in an orifice flange assembly. As per drawing requirement, flange with jack screw is required but due to non availability of flange with jack screw hole my vendor have drilled jack screw hole by himself on wnrtj flange. Servo motors can be integrated and their high speeds and performance are useful with ball screw jacks. Modified screw jack for lifting operation in industrial setting.

Unified alloys has taken actions to address concerns stemming from the covid19 pandemic. Orifice flanges are widely used in conjunction with orifice meters for measuring the rate of flow of liquids and gases. A jack bolt assembly for separating joined first and second flange members of a flange assembly including a longitudinally extending, generally rodshaped jack bolt member adapted to extend between first and second flange members of the flange assembly and a thrust member, the jack bolt member having a primary threaded portion for threadedly engaging at least one of the openings formed in the. Snapon industrial brand jh williams flange jacks come in a pair and is ideal for working on pipe lines and other applications involving flanges.

Weld neck, slip on, threaded, socket welded with rf or rtj facing orifice flanges are in accordance with ansi b16. A wide variety of jack screw flange options are available to you, such as ansi, iso, and asme. This standard covers flanges similar to those covered in asme b16. Jacton flange blocks are important components in screw jack with rotating screw design. April 24, 20 this standard will be revised when the society approves the issuance of a new edition. They also have an additional set of bolts called jack screws. Flanges are available in welding neck, slip on, and threaded form, and are typically supplied with two 12 npt tappings. We continue to monitor the situation and reevaluate our covid19 preparedness planning. Their high reliability and synchronization makes screw jacks suitable for a wide variety of uses that alternative methods of handling cannot achieve. Jack nuts provide a light weight fixing in thin, soft or brittle materials. Combining power and speed they feature all the advantages of the flexible electromechanic drive technology, particularly the exact approach to different positions and an excellent repeatability precision. Speed of travel gear ratio l low speed worm gear screw jacks with trapezoidal screw produce an advance of 0. Orifice flanges are one of the most economical means of measuring flow, and daniel orifice flanges are manufactured to be the most accurate.

Weldneck orifice flanges are available in ansi classes 300, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500. The useries subsea screw jack has proven depth ratings of up to 3,000m and capacities up to 2,000kn as standard. Square, hex, heavy hex, and askew head bolts and hex. They are basically the same as standard welding neck and slipon flanges except for the provision of radial, tapped holes in the flange ring for meter connections and additional bolts to act as jack screws to facilitate separating the flanges for inspection or replacement of. This jack screw is used to facilitate separating the flanges for inspection or. More than 1,000 of our clients are already using this software, which gives a wealth of design and dimensional information for flanges and their materials. Screwed or threaded flanges are attached to the pipe like any other screwed fittings, and. Free flange data software welding units supplies free software to flange users. They are not available in ansi 150 sizes because the thickness of ansi 150 flanges are not enough to allow for drilling pressure taps. Click on the image to view larger, or download pdf. Commonly motors are ac 3 phase although 1 phase and dc motors are also possible. Dynamic load rating is the maximum load which a ball bearing screw assembly can maintain for 1. Figures 1 corner taps 2 angular meter tap for flanges. Jack screw flange is required for larger size blinds.

The 20192020 wood construction connectors catalog cc2019 is a comprehensive guide to the companys most recent innovations and product line expansions as well as our existing solutions for wood construction applications. Acme ball screw nut accessories linear actuator, screw jack. Two flanges, orifice plate, gaskets, pressure taps and jack screw hole with two jack screws. Kerkau orifice unions come complete with gaskets, nuts, bolts and jack screws and are made to b16.

These screws are used to help separate the flanges so inspection andor. They are suitable for use under normal duty operation. In these cases, a suitable matching flange should be used. Hs high performance screw jack gearboxes from atlanta make it possible to achieve high feed rates even with heavy loads.

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